Cruel experiments on marmosets supported by Cure Parkinson’s Trust

Animal Aid has uncovered two shocking charity-funded experiments that involved monkeys being brain-damaged through the use of a toxic chemical called MPTP, overdosed with a Parkinson’s disease (PD) drug to induce debilitating side effects, and given the street drug ecstasy, or a derivative. Eleven marmoset monkeys were used in all, six of whom had previously been subjected to similar experiments. The studies were conducted in Canada, but co-funded by the Cure Parkinson’s Trust, a UK charity that fundraises in this... Continued

British Heart Foundation supports appalling experiment on pregnant sheep

This macabre and truly repugnant experiment, financially supported by the British Heart Foundation (BHF)[i] and performed at Cambridge University, involved cutting open the bellies of sheep in late pregnancy and placing tubes and monitors into the legs and major blood vessels of their babies. Both were then deprived of oxygen via the repeated suffocation of the mothers, and were killed several days later.   Animal suffering: The ewes were starved for 24 hours, then anaesthetised and surgically mutilated so that... Continued