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Victims of Charity

In 2011, Animal Aid published Victims of Charity, a report into the cruel and scientifically invalid animal experiments funded by four of the UK’s leading medical research charities. Written by Dr Adrian Stallwood – a specialty doctor in emergency medicine – and Andre Menache – who holds degrees in zoology and veterinary medicine – it reveals a catalogue of animal suffering and faulty science.

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The British Heart Foundation: A Catalogue of CrueltyScreen Shot 2015-02-27 at 16.56.11

Since January 2014, Animal Aid has exposed nine experiments that have received financial support from the BHF. These have included dogs and pigs being deliberately given heart attacks, pregnant sheep being surgically mutilated and partially suffocated, and rats being deprived of oxygen for two weeks. This short report provides a succinct and compelling fact file for each experiment.

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ReportimageforVoCThe Case against Animal Experiments

This new briefing explains the issues in a clear and accessible way and includes a useful FAQ section. It is a valuable resource for interested members of the public, as well as activists who are looking to brush up on the latest evidence.

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