AMRC questioned over pro-vivisection pledge

From November 20, the 133 organisations that belong to the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC) have been obliged to publicly declare their support for vivisection on their websites. Both the Daily Mail and Independent featured this disturbing news online, and included a quote from Animal Aid Director Andrew Tyler. AMRC argued that the decision was unanimously passed at last year’s AGM, but it is not clear whether members were properly informed about the serious scientific problems with vivisection before the vote took place.

Before the pledge requirement came into force, Animal Aid wrote to all organisations that are part of AMRC, and urged them to call for the new requirement to be abolished. Today (November 28), we have followed this up with a letter to the chief executive to AMRC, asking:

  • How many of AMRC’s 133 member organisations took part in the vote?
  • Did the vote take place following an informed debate during which both the pro and anti-vivisection cases were presented?

We believe it is vital that charities are left to formulate their own policies in this highly controversial area, and are free to change them as yet more evidence supporting the case against vivisection comes to light.

We will continue to campaign for AMRC to abandon its pro-vivisection pledge requirement, but in the meantime, if you haven’t already, please  take action today against the latest series of cruel, charity-supported experiments that we have exposed.