Statements of support: Peter Tatchell

‘As a lifelong human rights campaigner, I care about people – and other animals too. We humans are part of the animal kingdom. Other animals are like us, in that they also suffer when harmed. Just because we are more intelligent than other animal species does not give us the right to use animals as laboratory tools. Indeed, because of our more highly developed mental and moral capacities, we have a special obligation to not inflict suffering on other weaker, more vulnerable animals. In any case, vivisection is bad science based on the false premise that research on other species can be applied to humans. Given our different, distinctive physiology, this is nonsense. Besides, the many decades and billions of pounds poured into vivisection has led to relatively few medical advances that could not have been achieved by more humane methods. Medical research charities might be well-funded and influential, but they are still accountable to the members of the public who donate to them. The public doesn’t like animal cruelty, not even in the name of medical research. The Victims of Charity microsite will be a powerful voice for those of us who want to see progress without cruelty. I wish it every success and urge you to support it.’