More than 1,000 people take action against cruel monkey experiments

Last Monday (April 7), we exposed two cruel experiments on monkeys, which had been performed in Canada but co-funded by the Cure Parkinson’s Trust – a UK-based charity. The research involved giving marmoset monkeys a toxic chemical to damage their brains, high doses of a Parkinson’s drug to induce debilitating side effects, and either the street drug ecstasy, or a derivative. Shockingly, some of the monkeys had already been used in similar studies. You can read more about these disturbing experiments here.

The response – both from Animal Aid supporters and members of the public – has been incredible. In just one week, more than 1,200 people have contacted the charity, and the number continues to rise. These disturbing experiments have received widespread media coverage, with a substantial article in the Mirror, a piece on the Huffington Post website, and several articles in the regional press, including the London Evening Standard online. As a result of this latest exposé, Animal Aid Director Andrew Tyler has been interviewed on the BBC World Service programme, and debated two prominent professors on BBC Three Counties Radio.

We are extremely grateful to everyone who has already taken action, but much work remains to be done if we are to demonstrate the true strength of public feeling against charity-funded vivisection. By using the ‘take action’ buttons below, you can send a powerful message straight to the Cure Parkinson’s Trust, and spread the word on Facebook and Twitter. With your help, we can move a step closer to ending charity-funded vivisection.

Thank you.


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