Please help step up the pressure on the BHF

The British Heart Foundation is now facing a tide of public opposition over its funding of vivisection. It has received thousands of complaints from members of the public, who have been appalled by what was revealed in our exposés, and it has been the subject of major articles in the media. The charity has also been targeted with effective live actions, including leafleting inside the champagne reception of its high-profile celebrity ball last month.

This week, we are stepping up the pressure with the release of an eye-catching infographic and a mini-report. The report provides compelling and succinct fact files on all the experiments we have exposed since January 2014. This includes cruel research on dogs, pigs, sheep and rodents.

An NOP poll conducted on behalf of Animal Aid indicated that 80 per cent of the public would not knowingly donate to charities that fund animal experiments. The BHF’s multi-million pound annual income suggests that many people do not know about its funding of vivisection. Taking a few minutes to share these resources on social media is a highly effective way of bridging the current gap in public awareness, and letting people know how their donations to the BHF could be used.

See our infographic

Read our mini report

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