Please think before supporting Movember

Animal Aid is asking the public to stop and think before they support the ‘Movember’ initiative (which involves growing a moustache throughout the month of November), since some of the money raised is used to fund vivisection. As well as being cruel, animal experiments are a tragic waste of money raised in good faith, since fundamental differences between species mean that the results cannot be reliably translated to humans. Cancer research is a case in point, with a long list of potential drugs (such as zibotentan – designed to treat prostate cancer) failing in human clinical trials despite passing animal tests.

Fortunately though, it’s easy to support humane and productive non-animal research into cancer and mental health (Movember’s areas of focus). Please take a look at our online list of charities, showing which ones fund vivisection and which ones don’t, or order a FREE pocket guide to charities.