More than 1000 people speak out for GM mice

In just a few days since we launched our latest exposé, more than 1,000 people have already spoken out against the Motor Neurone Disease Association’s support for cruel experiments on GM mice. The response has been astonishing, and we are extremely grateful to everyone who has spoken out for animals, patients and good science. If you haven’t yet though, please take action... Continued

AMRC questioned over pro-vivisection pledge

From November 20, the 133 organisations that belong to the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC) have been obliged to publicly declare their support for vivisection on their websites. Both the Daily Mail and Independent featured this disturbing news online, and included a quote from Animal Aid Director Andrew Tyler. AMRC argued that the decision was unanimously passed at last year’s AGM, but it is not clear whether members were properly informed about the serious scientific problems with vivisection before the vote took... Continued

A response to the British Heart Foundation

In less than two weeks since we released our latest exposé, almost 1,300 people have spoken out against disturbing experiments on rats and mice that the British Heart Foundation (BHF) had helped to fund. The BHF has now sent a standard response to people who took action, and we would like to address some of the charity’s arguments. 1. The BHF states that the experiments have identified a potential new approach for reducing the damage caused to organs when blood flow suddenly returns after being blocked (as in the case of a... Continued

Research charities must now swear pro-vivisection public oath

The Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC), the sector’s key representative body, has told its 133 members that, from November 20, they must publicly declare their support for vivisection if they wish to remain within its ranks. Animal Aid has condemned the move as ‘outrageously authoritarian’ because of the way it denies research funders the right to exercise their independent judgement on a highly contentious issue, and both the Independent and Daily Mail have covered the story on their websites. Read our press... Continued

Please think before supporting Movember

Animal Aid is asking the public to stop and think before they support the ‘Movember’ initiative (which involves growing a moustache throughout the month of November), since some of the money raised is used to fund vivisection. As well as being cruel, animal experiments are a tragic waste of money raised in good faith, since fundamental differences between species mean that the results cannot be reliably translated to humans. Cancer research is a case in point, with a long list of potential drugs (such as zibotentan – designed... Continued

Please help ensure ice bucket donations are used humanely

The Motor Neurone Disease Association (MNDA), the main UK beneficiary of the recent 'ALS ice bucket challenge’ craze, is asking the public how they would like to see the money spent. The charity currently funds invasive animal experimentation, which has included supporting a study that used genetically modified mice bred to suffer severe motor impairment and muscle weakness. In just a few weeks' time, we will be exposing the shocking details of a whole series of animal experiments that are currently receiving funding from the... Continued

Animal Aid’s response to the British Heart Foundation

In just a few days since we published our latest exposé, almost 1,300 people have taken action against the BHF’s financial support for cruel experiments on dogs, pigs and goats. We are extremely grateful to everyone who has spoken out on behalf of these animals. The BHF has now responded to the messages it has received from members of the public, and we would like to address some of the points it has made. 1. The BHF argues that it has not distanced itself from animal experiments that it has funded. We feel justified in... Continued

Clinical health professional supports call for BHF change of policy

We are just a few days away from launching a major new exposé into a series of cruel animal experiments that have received financial support from the British Heart Foundation (BHF). These latest revelations will step up the pressure on the BHF to change its policy so that only humane and productive non-animal research receives funding. Our Victims of Charity campaign has received extensive support from scientists and patients. Now, a senior cardiac physiologist has written an excellent letter to the BHF’s Heart Matters... Continued

Say ‘no’ to ice bucket challenge

Huge sums of money have been donated in recent weeks to motor neurone disease charities through the ice bucket challenge craze. Animal Aid is urging people to resist enriching these charities by dowsing themselves in iced water or challenging others to do so. Instead, we are challenging the Motor Neurone Disease Association, the main beneficiary of the ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) ice bucket phenomenon in this country, to stop funding cruelly invasive animal tests. Such tests include those using genetically modified mice... Continued

British Heart Foundation: campaign update

Just last week (week beginning June 23), the British Heart Foundation (BHF) found itself in a deeply uncomfortable position as a result of Animal Aid uncovering a shocking experiment that involved pigs being deliberately made to suffer heart attacks, then subjected to several other cruel and destructive ‘procedures’ before they were killed. The scientific paper describing the experiment declared that it had been ‘sponsored’ by the BHF. And we uncovered other evidence suggesting that the charity financially supported the... Continued